Fred Willard

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Fred Willard insists he wasn't worst-in-show at an adult movie theater last night.

After saying he was doing "fine" and "keeping busy," the comedic actor told a TMZ cameraman today that his arrest on suspicion of lewd conduct at the Tiki Theatre in Hollywood was "a big misunderstanding."

"It's all being straightened out," Willard said. "I have great respect for [the police], there's just a difference of opinion" as to what happened. "It's all being straightened out as we speak...It was a strange situation."

He's telling us!

"It did not happen...It'll all be straightened out. My attorney said, you know, 'let them [handle the situation]," were his last words as he climbed into his car.

Speaking of Willard's attorney, Paul Takakjian said in a statement to TMZ that they would be "working vigorously to clear his name in this matter."

"With all due respect to the individual officer, our belief is that Fred did nothing in violation of any law," he said.

The 76-year-old actor and comedian was busted Wednesday by officers from the LAPD's Vice Unit during an inspection of the Tiki Theatre at around 8:50 pm. Willard, who is accused of committing a lewd act, was booked and released on his own recognizance.

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