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    Duets Finale: Who Was the Show's First Winner?

    Jason Farol, John Glosson, J Rome, Duets Kelsey McNeal/ABC

    It was a man's world on tonight's finale episode of Duets.

    As the show's first season came to an end, viewers saw J Rome and John Glosson of Team Jennifer Nettles and Jason Farol from Kelly Clarkson's team duke it out to be crowned the first winner.

    Here's what happened...

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    After bringing back some of the old competitors to sing songs with their duet coaches, it was time for the final three guys to give it all they had.

    Nettles and Glosson hit the stage first with Broadway musical Wicked's song "For Good." To say that the performance went well would be an understatement. Glosson was more than capable of keeping up with Nettles' vocals, making it truly seem like a duet. Kudos!

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    Next was Farol and Clarkson performing Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel." The American Idol alum seemed to overpower the performance in the beginning, but then Farol must have realized that he had to shake off his case of nerves because he came in with that confidence that we like to see.

    Lastly, it was the ever-so-promising and fan-predicted winner J Rome and Nettles. The duo took on "Rhythm of the Night" written by DeBarge.

    Now don't take this the wrong way, but we could have done without Nettles on this one—not because her voice isn't amazing, but J Rome has such great stage presence, he could definitely work as a solo performer.

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    Finally, the moment of the night arrived, and with suspenseful music playing in the background, the winner was announced.

    Congratulations on being Duets first winner, J Rome!

    Are you surprised? Sound off in the comments!

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