The Amazing Spider-man, Dark Knight

Marvel/Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros.

A decision to pit two superheroes against each other is being viewed as anything but super.

It seems that China Film Group, which oversees when movies are released in the country, wants to open both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises on Aug. 30.

Such a move, however, isn't being received very kindly by the folks over at Warner Bros., the studio behind the Batman sequel, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Not surprisingly, the concern is that having the flicks go head-to-head would most certainly cut into box-office grosses, since both would be vying for the same audience at the exact same time.

As a result, Warner Bros. has requested that China Film Group postpone the release of Rises until September. However, as of this writing, no change has yet been made.

According to the Times, which spoke to people connected with the Chinese film market, authorities in the nation may be concerned that Hollywood movies have been outperforming domestic films this year. Therefore, by opening similar movies like Spider-Man and Rises simultaneously, it could potentially put local product in a better box-office light.

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