Lauren Scruggs


Though she was dealt a life-threatening blow, Lauren Scruggs isn't letting her brush with death and a spinning plane propeller last year ruin her birthday plans.

The model and fashion blogger credits her lifelong faith with sustaining her through her accident and continuing recovery, and despite a prosthetic eye and an amputated limb, Scruggs is taking the time this week to celebrate herself.

We're happy to see the gorgeous Dallas gal beaming with enthusiasm and in good spirits, partly thanks to friends who have turned the birthday she shares with her twin sister Brittany into a week of celebrations. The blond beauty took to Twitter two days before her actual birthdate to show her appreciation, tweeting, "I have the sweetest friends. Birthday week is fun :)"

The model clearly proves that wisdom has more to do with what types of lessons you've learned and grown from and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

Here's to you, Lauren!

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