Ashton Kutcher


Yeehaw, indeed.

It was apparently a case of water pistols at dawn dusk for Ashton Kutcher on Saturday, when he enlisted some help from the elements to lash out (er, splash out?) at a paparazzo that he obviously had some less than pleasant feelings about.

So what happened?

There's still no word from Kutcher on the hows or whys or what went down, but the incident occurred outside the Kenny Chesney concert in Anaheim on Saturday night.

Dressed perfectly for the occasion in his 10-gallon hat, plaid button-down and star-spangled belt buckle, the Two and a Half Men star was caught on camera hurling the contents of his plastic cup towards the offending shutterbug.

Hey, maybe it was a hot day and Kutcher was trying to cool him off? Or offer him a sip?

Oh no, we've got it. He wanted to show the paparazzo what it felt like to get Punk'd. That Kutcher. Always giving.

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