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Breaking Bad Premiere: Top Five Moments

Breaking Bad Premiere Ursula Coyote/AMC

It's a meth, meth world on Breaking Bad.

After months and months of almost unbearable waiting, Breaking Bad's fifth season premiered Sunday night, and it definitely didn't disappoint. When we last saw Walt, he'd won the ultimate battle against Gus Fring, but if the premiere is any indication, it seems the war is far from over. Let's review the major moments of last night's episode, shall we?

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Breaking Bad Premiere Ursula Coyote/AMC

1. A Not-So-Happy Birthday: The episode begins on an ominous note with a now 52-year-old Walt (Bryan Cranston) celebrating his big day alone. (Sound familiar? This is exactly how the pilot started). Walt's on the run again and he takes a break from his trip to get some breakfast and, oh yeah, buys a machine gun and untraceable car. Flashback and we return to the present, with Walt feverishly cleaning up the evidence from the Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) murder.

Breaking Bad Premiere Ursula Coyote/AMC

2. Jesse Saves the Day...Again: A now rehabbed Hank (Dean Norris) explores what's left of the charred laboratory and it seems Walt has covered all his bases except for one—the surveillance camera. Surprisingly it is Jesse (Aaron Paul), and not Walt, who comes up with the brilliant plan of using a magnet to destroy the laboratory evidence now stored in a guarded room.

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Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad Ursula Coyote/AMC

3. Fring's Revenge: With the implicating laptop now out of the way it appears that our boys are in the clear, right? Wrong. As the police officers go through what's left of the destroyed Gus file, they come across a broken picture frame with a routing number to a Cayman Islands account. If we know anything from watching this show, it's that any loose end will eventually come back to haunt us.

Breaking Bad Premiere AMC

4. Poor Skyler: Things just aren't looking up for our leading lady. For one, her love life is in shambles. Ex-lover Ted (Christopher Cousins) isn't dead, but he isn't healthy either. Now paralyzed, he's promised not to talk about the attack, but that still doesn't solve their money problems. Skyler's (Anna Gunn) marriage isn't looking too great either, now that she's scared to death of her husband. Dysfunctional relationships, thy name is Breaking Bad.

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Breaking Bad Premiere Ursula Coyote/AMC

5. Live Free or Die: The title of the premiere episode can simply be a nod to New Hampshire (the state that Walt pretends to be from in the start of the episode), but we have a hunch that is has more to do with Walt's ultimate fate. With Gus out of the picture, we wonder if he'll be able to resist the urge to take over the drug operation. And if he does take over, where will that leave our antihero at the end of the series? So many wonderful storylines set up by the premiere! Well done, Breaking Bad!

What was your favorite moment from the Breaking Bad premiere? Do you think this will be the best season yet?

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