It's kids versus grown-ups on tonight's episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey as Gia Giudice and Melissa Gorga throw down at Beatstock and Albie and Christopher Manzo square off against their old man.

So who came out on top? Well, we'd like to nominate the show's resident voice of snark and style—Greg Bennett. Nabbing a blk. endorsement (and a hug!) from Patti LaBelle at the Fancy Food show seems like a major victory.

How did everyone else do? Let's see...

Joe Gorga's clearly losing the battle where his kids are concerned. The little ones are blocking Tarzan at every turn—whether he's having to control himself at the pool or getting interrupted in the bedroom.

"The key to a successful marriage is to have sex every single day," says Melissa. Too bad for Joe it looks like the kids disagree and aren't afraid to do something about it.

Chris Laurita comes across like a wet noodle, grousing as he drives the blk. team down to the Fancy Food show in Washington, D.C. The van's a lot like a mullet, Chris is all business in the front and the boys—Albie, Chris, Greg, pal Gianluca and cousin Joey—are a party in the back.

Then again, listening to Chris Jr. lose his lunch at the vodka bar makes you think uncle Chris should have set stricter ground rules for the trip. Besides, the stakes are high since his apparel business went bankrupt, according to Jacqueline. (Seriously? At this point, going bust seems like a reality show rite of passage.)

Pretty boy Albie's not winning any points with his girlfriend, Lindsey. For some reason, he felt the need to share that he'd dump her for the sake of his family and the business. On national TV. Ouch! Let's hope they're not watching the show together.

We're gonna declare Al Sr. a draw—he might be manning a much smaller booth at the food show to sell his pasta sauce but the man has Caroline Manzo in his corner and, at this point, it seems like Brownstone is the reality show's most successful (read: still operating!) business.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Gia looked equally fabulous in sequined hot pants and a neon tutu at Beatstock. And both delivered flawless performances. But Teresa and Joe Giudice's kids get points deducted for talking smack about their aunt. And, after a season of Juicy Joe's trash talking, it's not hard to figure out where they picked it up.

So, whose side were you on tonight? Did you press mute when Chris tossed his scrapple? Do you think Chris and Jacqueline are nuts for not canceling the Napa trip? And has there ever been a more awkward conversation than Teresa and Melissa's post-show chitchat? Sound off on all things Jersey in our comments section below!

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