Watch Now: Daughtry Jams With Batman, Superman and Justice League to Fight Hunger

    We love superheroes, but we love do-gooders even more.

    So leave it to Chris Daughtry and his band to bring these two faves together with some rock n' roll flair in the world-premiere video for Daughtry's brand-new song, "Rescue Me."

    And he's got the heroes of the Justice League to help him out.

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    But just in case you think this is just some comic escapade with Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC supergroup, its aim is a serious one: To help wipe out hunger. Revealing its message, the video reveals that in the Horn of Africa more than 8 million people are facing the worst hunger crisis in half a century. Bringing the point home are images of those in need, and it's a moving reminder of how much some people are suffering around the world.

    "The need heroes," the video says…and, even though Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the gang appear in silhouette, we think Daughtry means you can be the hero.

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    And Daughtry makes it as easy as listening to his tunes to help out. The American Idol alumni and band explain in a release that "We Can Be Heroes" is a giving campaign that supports three humanitarian aid organizations that are delivering aid and support to those in need of critical assistance in the Horn of Africa. And purchasing the single "Rescue Me" on iTunes directly contributes to that campaign.

    So grab your headphones and check out this exclusive first look at the music video, which features the band performing live as well as touching footage of those in need.

    Go to for more info.

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