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    So True? So False? Is One Direction's Liam Payne Engaged?!

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    Liam Payne, One Direction
    Liam Payne, One Direction Peter Kramer/NBC
    So True So False, STSF

    We know the tears are welling up in your eyes already, but you gotta be strong!

    Hearts were broken today when one of One Direction's young hotties Liam Payne posted a photo on his Instagram that hinted at the 18-year-old possibly getting engaged.

    Sound ridiculous? Well, the photo was of two hands clasped together with the caption, "i'm her's and she's mine forever. {big news coming up} :)." Yeah, can you blame 'em?

    So is this it? Are our hopes of being Mrs. Payne over?!

    Grab some Kleenex and get a hold of yourself, because this rumor is...

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    So false!

    A rep for One Direction tells E! News that the rumor of Liam Payne being engaged to girlfriend Danielle Peazer is not only "completely untrue," but the social media account from which the messages and photos were taken is a fake!

    Which means this is a doubly false tale of young love...

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    So devastated fangirls can also disregard the potentially heartbreaking "news" that followed: "Danielle is the one for me, i am sure. And please do not hate, if you love me. You all were excited about the 'big news' right? Well, me and Danielle are moving in together and we are going to take the next step in our relationship.

    I try to keep my private life private from publicity but it's hard sometimes. I read all your comments on my last picture and i'll just say that last night was the best night of my life, i know what really matters: love! Thank you for showing so much love and respect."

    And, lest we forget, truth, not the unabashed faking of a Twitter account.

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