On this week's episode of Mrs. Eastwood and Company, Dina Eastwood gets a huge break for Overtone.

The band is going to meet with legendary manager, Johnny Wright, who has shaped the careers of folks like N'SYNC, the Backstreet Boys, the Jonas Brothers and more. And so, with the draw of potential boy band greatness, it's goodbye Carmel and hello Florida for Dina and the boys.

Meanwhile, Francesca Eastwood and Tyler Shields are headed to Florida as well—but not to have their music dreams fulfilled.

"I've been pushing Tyler for a really long time to have a relationship with his mother," Francesca says. "If we're gonna get married, if we're gonna have a family, I would love to include his mother in that."

Seems legit, right?

"She's the sweetest to you, but she's so mean to me," Tyler tells her. "I have a very odd relationship with my mother, I didn't talk to my mom for 8 months because she just kept leaving me really mean voicemails."

Well, your mom might be a little...difficult, but at least you've got your dad right? "When I was a kid, my dad was a vicious, vicious dude," Tyler says. "My dad had a stroke that paralyzed the right half of his body. After he had the stroke he just chilled out. Now I have a good relationship with my dad."

Hey, that's something! Plus, our gal Francesca is awfully persistent, so you're headed to Jacksonville!

"I'm so excited that I actually got Tyler on the plane and that we're actually here with his parents," Francesca says. "They're the sweetest people—I don't understand why this is so hard for Tyler."

Just wait, Fran, because we have a feeling Martha Shields might show her true colors!













Meanwhile, Overtone is on Johnny's compound in Orlando trying to lock down a routine for their potential mentor. Only problem? They're having a little trouble nailing all the dance moves.

"This is our biggest opportunity and we're running out of time," Shane says. "We've gotta pull something out of the f--king hat to do this."

The next day it's time to get on the stage and show Johnny what they're made of. Overtone dances, sings and waits for the verdict…

"Johnny Wright and his team is completely stone-faced," Emile says. "I mean, that's quite intimidating. That makes me nervous"

While their faces may be made for poker, Johnny eventually speaks up and says, "The choreography was a little Vegasy. It's not there where our level of things that we present to the world are right now. But I really want to see you pull it together, I didn't hear one complaint, I didn't hear one excuse...So, if you guys are interested in working with us we're interested in working with you."

It's the best news that Overtone could've expected, and as Emile so aptly puts it. "After what we have been through," he says, "coming here and getting that kind of good news—it's the best day of our lives."

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, what was meant to be a good trip with Tyler's fam is taking a turn for the bitter. As Tyler and his mom Martha start picking fights, and Francesca tries to be the mediator.

"I was raised really, really close with my family," Francesca says. "So my first impulse when I see a problem like this is to try and mend whatever is broken."

Sometimes, though, things are broken for a reason. And Francesca sees exactly what Tyler has been saying on their last day in Florida when Martha calls Tyler for help.

"I've learned so many things about Tyler's background," Francesca says. "It's obviously had a big effect on who he is as a person, but I'm so in love with him and I'm one hundred percent in."

Awww, Francesca! What a good girlfriend!

Overtone is experiencing something similar, as coming this far has brought the band closer than ever and for the first time they are all in.

"If this happened two months ago even, we would've struggled," Emile says of their big break with Johnny. "But because of everything that's happened and what we've been through as a group, we're finally at the place now where we know we can really support each other. We are a family."

Eddie, who has had one of the hardest times in the group lately, completely agrees. "We started off this journey divided and uncertain about ourselves," Eddie says. "But it's all been worth it...It's very empowering."

Want more from your favorite Hollywood family? Check out an all new episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company next Sunday at 10/9c only on E!

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