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If you ask The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb about the inevitable sequel, he says he wouldn't mind making a radical break from the comic books—at least when it comes to the villain.

So much so that he got Spidey senses tingling when he hinted that he'd go so far as to feature a rogue of his own creation.

Or so he teased…

"I do think it would be tricky to totally invent a major villain, but if I did that it would be The Mime," he quipped to The Hollywood Reporter in a phone chat on Friday. "My big contribution would be a villain called The Mime. That's a joke, by the way.  A joke."

And just to make sure he was being absolutely clear, Webb reiterated he was kidding.

We're not sure seeing our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man face off against a silent street performer is the best idea—mimes are so easily trapped in a box. .

On a more serious note, Webb said there's plenty of arch-enemies like Amazing's Lizard to draw on from the comics without having to resurrect Marcel Marceau.

"I think you have to be pretty protective of the canon when it comes to villains," he noted. "And Spider-Man has a great rogues gallery, so there's a lot to choose from."

First thing's first, there has to be a follow up.

But based on the box office tally of The Amazing Spider-Man's midnight screenings Tuesday, which netted a whopping $7.5 million, and what Sony estimates will be a six-day haul in the $110 million-$120 million range, we wouldn't be surprised to hear the studio has already commissioned a script for the next installment.

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