Any Spidey fan worth their tingling Spidey senses knows that today is the big day: The Amazing Spider-Man is finally spinning its way into cinemas.

Most loyal fans of our friendly neighborhood webslinger probably already hit up the midnight showing to see Andrew Garfield don the infamous spider suit. Others will go tonight to watch Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans and the whole gang get in on the action.

And you might leave the theater thinking, How the heck did they do that?! That's where we come in, with five behind-the-scenes secrets straight from the cast:

1. What's the Secret to Good Chemistry?! "Chemistry is kind of an indefinable thing," the film's resident love interest, Emma Stone, explained to E! News' Alicia Quarles. "That's either there or it's not. It's kind of instantaneous or it isn't. So it was nice that we had that kind of thing from the beginning."

That's one answer…But the other half of the awww-worthy onscreen romance tells it differently:

"It was hard because she's just not a pleasant person," Andrew joked about his on and offscreen GF. "I always just felt like I have no interest in spending time with this person, let alone looking at this person. It was hard to achieve any form of friendship relationship…She's convinced everyone that she's this thing when she just isn't…She's a bitch."

How feisty! Don't let Andrew fool you though, the twosome definitely provides competition to Spider romances of the past (hear that, Mary Jane?!).

2. Was Everyone in Love with Spider-Man?! The short answer: No. Sure, Andrew has been gushing nonstop about his love of the insect-loving superhero, revealing, "I've been wanting to be Spider-Man since I was 3—and I'm still not Spider-Man, I'm the actor playing him—but I read the series, I loved the movies, all of it I've been a huge fan of since I was very, very young. It's meant a lot to me."

But costar Denis Leary had other feelings. He admitted he's "never been a Spider-Man" guy though his family are huge fans. Which is precisely the reason he didn't tell his wife about the role, fearing she would pressure him into it.

We're sure he has a soft spot in his heart now for Peter Park's alter ego!

3. How Did The Lizard Look So Real?! "I did on occasion [tie my arm behind my back]. And I spoke to a lot of guys who've lost their limbs for various reasons," Rhys Ifans explained about channeling his inner Lizard.

But how did he get into villain mode on set?

"They were quite comedic, because Andrew would be in his Spider-Man costume and, obviously, the CGI wasn't completed, so I'd be in a huge kind of green track suit," Rhys continues about shooting his scenes. "With crash test dummy targets on it, big cardboard claws and then like a poll stuck down my neck with a big lizard head on it so Andrew had an eye line. Because if he looked at my actual eyes it'd be like he was looking at The Lizard's nether regions."

And that, kids, is a whole different movie. Though maybe just as scary!

4. Who Got Andrew Garfield in Fighting Form?! So how did the formerly skinny Social Network actor get prepped to don Spider-Man's spandex suit in, as he says, "3 motha hubba 3D"?

"A guy called Armando Alarcon. He's going to get murdered one day," Andrew deadpanned about the personal trainer who buffed him up for the big screen. "By me. I'm going to have a gun and a knife and a chainsaw. And he's not going to be able to stop me. Because I hate him."

Hey, no pain to gain, right?! And we know plenty of lusty Spidey fans who would personally like to thank Mr. Alarcon instead.

5. Was There Pressure to Deliver the Perfect Kiss? While Rhys revealed that Emma and Andrew's chemistry will make you, as an audience member "just want them to get it on," one half of the duo was rather reserved about their onscreen smooching.

"I get oddly prudish sometimes," Emma revealed about swapping spit on the big screen. "But it wasn't too crazy. It wasn't too bad. We were on a rooftop for that first kiss, so there was some distance. It didn't feel too intrusive."

So maybe it's no upside-down, rain-soaked smooch, but as director Marc Webb previously told us, "It's hard to compete with that first Spider-Man kiss."

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