Small Town Security

Ben Leuner/AMC

AMC is about to get a whole lot funnier. The home of serious award-winning dramas—hello Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead—welcomes a new brand of comedy to its lineup.  

Touted as Christopher Guest-film-meets-The Office, Small Town Security looks inside the real lives of a small family-run security and private investigation company in Georgia. Want to know more? Check out an exclusive first look at the AMC series.

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The family that solves Georgia crimes together stays together. Absurdist humor, a foulmouthed quirky yet heartwarming family and a horny dog—what more can a summer TV viewer ask for? But should you tune in to this new comedy? Check out our exclusive clip from Small Town Security and decide for yourself: 

Quite the cast of colorful characters, right? Small Town Security debuts after Breaking Bad's fifth-season premiere, on Sunday, July 15, at 11 p.m.

Intrigued? Will you be checking out AMC's latest offering? Sound off in the comments!

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