Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas: Pre-Wedding Details!

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    Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas
    Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/GettyImages

    It's almost time for Alec Baldwin to say "I do" to Hilaria Thomas

    But, before the couple ties the knot at Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City this evening, we've got a few details on what's in store for guests set to attend the couple's nuptials.

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    It appears the soon-to-be Baldwins opted for a white color scheme for their wedding…at least when it comes to the flowers for the ceremony.

    This afternoon, florist De Juan Stroud arrived on the scene to place white hydrangeas, white roses and calla lilies around the church. White ribbons were also tied to the front pews, and a tent was set up near the rear entrance of the church.

    The bride arrived to Old St. Patrick's Cathedral Complex shortly before 4 p.m. dressed casually in cutoffs, a gray tank top and sandals, and reportedly looked calm and unassuming, according to a bystander. The groom showed up about an hour and a half later wearing a suit and sun glasses, with a newspaper tucked under his arm. Not surprisingly, he didn't stop to speak with the press as he entered the rectory.

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    But Baldwin was definitely in the wedding spirit Saturday afternoon, tweeting a love poem by Emily Dickinson.

    "'T was a long parting, but the time For interview had come; Before the judgment-seat of God, The last and second time. These fleshless lovers met, A heaven in a gaze, A heaven of heavens, the privilege Of one another's eyes. No lifetime set on them, Apparelled as the new Unborn, except they had beheld, Born everlasting now. Was bridal e'er like this? A paradise, the host, And cherubim and seraphim The most familiar guest," Baldwin tweeted.

    The Baldwin-wife-to-be has stayed in her casual cut-offs ensemble with her hair in a low bun and stayed between the rectory and a small tent located outside, where she was seen waving to screaming bystanders and anchored by two girlfriends carrying garment bags.

    Her future daughter-in-law Ireland Baldwin followed suit looking gorgeous in a light blue dress, ducking into the tent behind Hilaria who waved and flashed the peace sign at the crowd.

    As for the groom's whereabouts before the big moment? Alec chose to greet the excited fans who were cheering him on as he strode through a blocked-off area crammed with bystanders before entering the tent that goes into the church. 

    Brother Stephen Baldwin was spotted having what looked like a meaningful chat with one of the priests.

    The wedding was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. EST. 

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