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Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello

Warner Bros. Entertainment

The True Blood cast and crew are used to Joe Manganiello strutting around without much clothing on.

Even so, they weren't about to let his role as Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike go unnoticed.

In fact, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård got in on some of the stripping fun…

"They knew what I did on my hiatus so as soon as I showed up back on set, they were all pointing and doing the body rolling," Manganiello, 35, tells me. "There was a week on set where Steven, Anna and Alex and I were working together and we were humping chairs, humping the trashcans. We were humping everything in sight on set. It become a huge joke to the point that I was skipping onto the set and saying, 'Did somebody order a werewolf?'"

We could only imagine what they'll do once they see the scene in which Manganiello is shown, um, fluffing himself with a plastic penis pump.

"It's like a medieval torture device," he said. "I tell everyone that we were such a low-budget film we couldn't afford fluffers so they were like, 'Here ya go.'"

Manganiello imagines the day he dies and he's included in the Oscars' in memoriam package. "I want the frosted clouds around the edge of the screen and then you just see me pumping," Manganiello cracked.

Even with all the big-screen nakedness, Manganiello also said, "Honestly, between that and what I do this season on True Blood, I don't know what's worse."


"If I wasn't on Cinemax's radar yet, I should be now," he laughed. "I'll have a very impressive soft-core porn reel by the end of the summer."