Simon Cowell

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So True So False, STSF

Looks aren't everything, but one need only listen to Simon Cowell's quip-first, empathize-later critiques of his X Factor contestants to know that they are prized pretty highly by the reality judge.

And now rumor has it that the acerbic prime-timer has turned his ever-discerning eye to his own visage, as he emerged today sporting some suspicious-looking bandages behind his ear. It didn't take long before speculation began about whether the music Svengali had undergone plastic surgery.

Could it be that the 52-year-old Cowell thought a little nip/tuck was in order before returning for the second season of his youth-oriented hit? Did Simon really go under the knife?

This rumor is...

So false!

Though the reality judge made no attempt to hide the curious bandages behind his ear when he hit up Sunset Boulevard yesterday, that's simply because there's nothing secretive about the source of his mystery malady.

Rather than any covert "refreshing" of his face, a source told Us Weekly that Cowell instead had merely fallen afoul of...well, that wasn't specified. But something sharp.

"Simon cut himself by accident," they told the magazine. "It's not surgery."

Another medical mystery solved.

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