Britney Spears

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In what appears to be Britney Spears' most emotional moment since becoming an X Factor judge, the pop princess was reportedly left teary-eyed at the auditions on Sunday.

Spears apparently didn't know what was about to go down when…

One contestant during the final leg of theSan Francisco tryouts turned out to be Don Phillip, a former labelmate who sang with Spears more than a decade ago on "I Will Still Love You" from her Baby One More Time album.

"I could tell she immediately recognized me when I got out on the stage," Phillip told me earlier today. "I started to cry and she said, 'Don't cry.'"

Philip said he didn't expect to get so emotional, but he hadn't seen Spears in about 10 years.

When Spears asked him what he had been up to all this time, he said he revealed he was gay after explaining that he had been on a "personal journey" to find himself.

Spears was nothing but supportive, but Philip said he was worried when Spears started to well up during the surprise reunion.

"I never thought I'd see Britney again and then there she was and they were asking me to tell them what I had gone through." Philip said. "It was just all these feelings came up."

Philip said he wished producers would have told Spears that he was auditioning.

"Perhaps this was not the place for me to reveal my very soul and obstacles of my past," he posted on his Facebook page yesterday. "Certainly not the place for a reunion ... I promise I only had good intentions in mind."

Did Philip make it to the next round? We're not telling, but you can find out when the second season of X Factor kicks off in September.

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