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Badass babes? Check. Hot summer flicks? Check. But only one big-screen queen can be crowned the sexiest celeb of the summer movie scene.

We already know there was, like, zero competition when we gave the men a go (Sorry Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but no one can compete with the mantastic Magic Mike), but of course, the ladies are bringing some fierce competition to the movie theater for the hot summer season.

It's been a fairy tale battle between Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, but what happens when you add Mila Kunis and Emma Stone to the mix?

Well, things are about to get seriously steamy and it's time for you to sound off on your fave box-office babe:

Remember, each day we present a new category of summer fun (feel free to tweet us worthy suggestions) and you will let us know who's the best of the best. When the week's over, we'll update our sizzling summer gallery so you can feast your eyes on the sexiest celebs of the season!

But back to the big screen.

First up? The gorgeous Emma Stone who's starring in The Amazing Spider-Man alongside her real life BF Andrew Garfield. It's no secret we're huge fans of the PDA-lovin' pair, but Emma's also a summer force on her own.

Em's effortlessly climbed the A-list ladder over the past two years and we're thrilled the stunning starlet is joining the ranks of the best summer blockbusters. Add the fact that she always looks fab on the red carpet and we're oh-so-delighted that Ms. Stone's sweet smile is the one we'll be seeing all season long. 

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But if Emma Stone feels like old news then perhaps your vote is for Mila Kunis, whose gracing the summertime box office in Ted alongside Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane. If you're looking for sugary summer laughs then Mila is your girl—her character is totally relatable, completely down to earth and laugh-out-loud funny.

Kunis is also sporting some healthier curves after losing 20 pounds for the ballerina drama Black Swan, and we love that the gal has embraced a fuller figure. Pass the bikini puh-lease, we'd kill to see M.K. rock that curvy bod on the beach.

And if you're not about the laughs this summer season, then maybe your vote is for Charlize Theron, who's busy dominating the box office with both her summer blockbusters, Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus. Char is wickedly sinister as the evil queen in SWATH and her sci-fi side is out in full force in Prometheus, and we just love that this Oscar winner isn't afraid to take on aliens or twisted fairy tales.

Charlize makes summertime evil look sweeter than ever before and since the babe has not one but two blockbusters dominating the box office, we're thinking Queen Char may have already killed her big-screen competition.  

Unless, of course, K.Stew swoops in for the win and puts an end to the epic Snow White smackdown. Not only did Kris stun in the French Riviera at the Cannes film festival, but her movie Snow White and the Huntsman is the hottest fairy tale flick of the season.  

No need to convince us that Kristen is the fairest of them all, but it's up to you if K.Stew will ignite a SWATH-esque take-down.

So with that, let's hear a sweet summer scream for the big screen-queens! Then get to clickin' away for your fave box-office babe:

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