Jason Trawick may have swept Britney Spears off her feet in the romance-and-ring department, but how are his singing skills?

The agent by trade took the opportunity to serenade his bride-to-be with a few bars of "Sister Christian" while driving her to The X Factor auditions in San Francisco over the weekend and, from what we heard, he probably shouldn't hold his breath for a ticket to boot camp.

But, hey, Britney's the expert—does she think her husband-to-be has the X Factor?

"Rode in my 1st @Uber to @TheXFactorUSA auditions in SF today! Jason auditioned for me—I wouldn't put him through…" the pop star tweeted mischievously.

Well, Simon Cowell did tweet that Spears had "grown claws!" at the judges table (and that Demi Lovato was "more annoying than ever").

"Not fair! Can I please try my second song choice? I promise to show u I have the X Factor!" Trawick insisted. In turn, he tried again, with his own special version of REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You." (Does this guy know how to pick 'em or what?!)

But it doesn't sound like persistence is going to work in this case. Instead, Britney, who after her fiancé's first audition asked fans to upload dance videos to Viddy, then tweeted out this desperate plea for mercy:

"Still no! Please send in ur best dance Viddys so Jason will stop!" she wrote.

Meanwhile, we can't wait to find out more about those claws Britney's been growing!

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