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Castle Romance Scoop: Nathan Fillion Teases Castle and Beckett's Future!

Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Castle ABC/MICHAEL DESMOND

Is the honeymoon already over for Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic)?!

We've waited a long time for Castle and Beckett to get together on ABC's Castle, but can we expect a happily ever after? Considering that Nathan Fillion said his favorite thing about Castle is his uncanny ability to fail, things don't exactly sound good for our former favorite will-they-or-won't-they couple.  

While promoting the show at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, Nathan teased that the couple's (smokin' hot) romantic beginning could quickly turn sour when we catch up with the duo in September. So what else did the show's leading man have to share about the new season? Find out...

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"I think at first there's going to be a honeymoon phase where everything is great. They'll have to decide to whether to go public with their relationship or whether they're going to hide their relationship," Nathan teases. "I think Captain Gates, who already hates Castle, I don't think he's going to want her to know and she's going to find a reason why that's no good. So I think there's going to be an initial part where everything is fine, but I think rather quickly they're going to realize that just because these two characters are now together doesn't fundamentally change who they are."

With Castle remaining an insensitive pest and Beckett still a bit emotionally unavailable, things could get difficult quickly, he predicts. "I think there are going to be a lot of problems now that we are just a lot closer, too. I think they are going to open a bit of a Pandora's Box. I think it's going to be tough going. I really do."

He adds, "the most fun about playing [Castle] is the part about making him fail. When Castle has success, I will literally make him fall on his ass. I like doing that, I like that he's not perfect. Every time he's super cool I'll take him down a peg and I enjoy that." 

Are you hoping to see Castle and Beckett as a long-term couple on the ABC hit? Do you think Castle and Beckett will have a happily ever after or will he be taken down a few pegs? Sound off in the comments!

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