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    Chris Brown Bar Brawl Update: W.i.P. Nightclub Shut Down!

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    Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Twitter; ABC/Ida Mae Astute

    It's been three days since the brutal Chris Brown bar brawl, but the W.i.P nightclub where the incident took place is still feeling the heat.

    Both W.i.P. and Greenhouse nightclubs—located in the same building and jointly owned in Manhattan—were closed Saturday night just before midnight by members of the first Precinct, E! News has confirmed.

    With rumors still flying over what went down between Breezy and Drake, are these two rivals to blame for the hotspots' latest troubles?

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    Not entirely, as the club had previous violations before the incident early Thursday morning.

    "The managers of both establishments were present and informed of the directive per violations of the pre- existing Stipulation and Agreement order from March of 2011," the NYPD, Office of the Deputy Commissioner tells E! News. "It stipulated that the owners would agree to the closing by NYPD for up to 235 days if additional assaults and other violations of the agreement occurred. There were no incidents or arrests in connection with the closing."

    Chris Brown and Drake were allegedly involved in a brutal bar brawl early Thursday morning. Drake has since maintained his innocence in the matter and denied any participation in the altercation. There are also numerous reports suggesting Brown has since contacted the police.

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    This isn't the first set of troubles for W.i.P in the bar brawl aftermath. On Friday, E! News confirmed that Jonathan Cantor, the nightclub's manager, was taken into custody by police on two outstanding warrants stemming from noise complaints at the hot spot.

    Although the details of the incident are still unclear, an attorney for Ingrid Gutierrez, the 21-year-model who was at Chris Brown's table during the alternation, recently spoke with E! News and revealed his client's take on the incident.

    As for nightclub's future? A rep for W.i.P. and Greenhouse tells E! News that "the venues are temporarily, not permanently, closed."

    —Reporting by Vanessa McDonald 

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