Zoe Saldana

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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Every picture tells a story. So, what's the takeaway from this photo, featuring Star Trek hottie Zoe Saldana in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton for an appearance at New York's Museum of the Moving Image?

If you have no boobs, no ass and no belly, we welcome your patronage! Have some pants!

As a concept, we have no quarrel with the look, which includes forest-green cropped slacks and a matching puffed-sleeve top. Most of the embellishment on the blouse is actually a print, though there are gold studs around the collar that match the gold toe of the actress' pumps.

But on any mortal human body other than Zoe's, Sarah Jessica Parker's, or the Crypt Keeper's, this look would not work.

That's high fashion for you.

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