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If you're going to hack off all your hair in a bid for an Oscar, you'd better know how to rock that crop after shooting wraps.

An Academy Award, even for a blowzy big-budget musical like Les Misérables, is never a sure thing after all, but merciless criticism from the Fashion Police is a 100 percent guarantee.

So, let's drill down on Anne Hathaway's masculine Stella McCartney getup...

The look included a crisp, summery duo of pants and blazer in ivory, a red necklace and a graphic tee, all care of Ms. McCartney's label. No earrings, no handbag, and minimal makeup rounded out the boyish look, natch.

The big-screen Éponine also brought fiancé Adam Shulman for the appearance, which honored McCartney in New York City this week.

So what do you think? Does Hathaway pull off an elegant Mia Farrow/Audrey Hepburn thing, or does she need to femme it up a bit more?

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What do you think of Anne Hathaway's new androgynous style?
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