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    Morning Mail! Will Angelina Jolie Really Direct Fifty Shades of Grey?!

    Angelina Jolie Jason Kempin/Getty Images

    Dear Ted:
    What's this I hear about Angelina Jolie directing Fifty Shades of Grey? Could it really happen?!

    Dear Jolie Gets Dirty:
    According to Deadline, Jolie is indeed in talks to direct Fifty Shades of Grey, but multiple outlets have also come forth with sources shooting down the racy rumors. As much as I would love to see the Girl Interrupted star take on the pornographic project, I don't see the esteemed Angelina taking a step down from In the Land of Blood and Honey to Fifty Shades of Grey. Ten years ago—maybe. But now? Not a chance. 

    Dear Ted:
    What do you think about Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz for the leads in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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    Dear Unrealistic:
    Even if I did like the idea of Ashley and Kellan starring in the sexy roles, the close Twilight connection pretty much kills any possibility. But, if you must know, out of the two, I far prefer Kellan as Christian than Ashley as Ana.

    Dear Ted:
    I'm a long time reader and your column is my guilty pleasure. I was wondering today what on Earth happened to Winona Ryder (I know, so circa 1995, but bear with me, I'm 33)? I think she's a fairly decent actress and others with equally or less talent have managed to stick around in the biz. Please don't tell me that that meltdown that happened years ago is the sole reason she's been pretty much cast away from Hollywood. Kisses from Madrid to you and your pets.

    Dear Ryding Along:
    Winona's still alive and well in Hollywood! She will star alongside James Franco and Chris Pine in the film The Iceman, which is currently in post-production. And I wouldn't say she disappeared—she had a pretty solid role in Black Swan and continues to work in the biz. Just because she's not a tabloid star doesn't mean she's been cast away from Hollywood and I doubt the babe cares whether she's a target for paps. Not to mention her lack of presence on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site certainly doesn't help either.

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    Dear Ted:
    I love that Daniel Radcliffe has grown up into a great actor and has pushed beyond Harry Potter. I was wondering what was next for him? Wedding bells? More mainstream movies? And does he have a Vice? Thanks!

    Dear From Hogwarts to Hollywood:
    I don't see Mr. Potter's career slowing down anytime soon and would bet D.R. has a few box office hits bound for his future. As for wedding bells? Hardly! Dude's only 22 and he's no Liam Hemsworth. But he does have one thing in common with The Hunger Games hottie: He's also Vice-free.

    Dear Ted:
    Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a real relationship?

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    Dear For the Billionth Time:

    Dear Ted:
    You have great casting ideas for Fifty Shades of Grey! Also does Billy Bend-Over have any new projects? And is Sammy Sniffles Zoe Saldana?

    Dear Bending Over Backwards:
    Billy has a few projects in the works, but you better ask another Q if you want me to be more specific! And no, Zoe Saldana is not Sammy Sniffles, but thanks for the love, H!

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