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    Car Talk Hosts to Retire From NPR

    Tom Magliozzi, Ray Magliozzi AP Photo/Susan Walsh

    This car show has made its last pit stop.

    NPR's Car Talk mechanic-hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi are calling it quits on their comedic auto-advice radio show after 25 years. 

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    "We've decided that it's time to stop and smell the cappuccino," Ray wrote on their blog

    "So as of October, we're not going to be recording any more new shows," Tom continued. "That's right, we're retiring." 

    But, we haven't heard the last of these two just yet.

    "Every week, starting in October, NPR will broadcast a newly assembled Car Talk show, selected from the best material in our archives," Ray went on. "Thank you for giving us far more of your time than we ever deserved. We love you. And know that starting this fall, for the first time, we'll be able to sit at home, laughing at Car Talk along with you guys on Saturday mornings."

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    Cars Pixar

    The brother duo made cameo voice appearances as automobilized versions of themselves in Pixar's Cars (2006).

    They announced news of their NPR exit Friday, plan to continue to write their "Dear Tom and Ray" column twice a week, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

    The show, which started out as a local call-in show on Boston's WBUR radio back in 1977, now draws in more than 3 million listeners a week on some 660 stations around the country.

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