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    The Eyes Have It: Party-Poopin' Nicky, Relaxin' Russell

    Nicky Hilton, Russell Crowe Lester Cohen/Getty Images; Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

    Russell Crowe, flocking to where all shopping starlets go, Robertson Boulevard, for dinner. The Kiwi cut back with some male amigos—one of which our source swears was director pal Ridley Scott—at Chaya in Bev Hills. Despite the dressy atmosphere, R.C. opted for a black soccer jersey and black shorts, his long locks pulled back in a ponytail. Doesn't matter how inappropriate his choice of attire was, like anyone—besides the ever-present paps—is gonna ef with Russ when he's eating. But it was Crowe-hon's own fault for choosing to dine on the patio. Having a less pleasurable night out, so it seemed, was...

    Nicky Hilton, in Ef-Hell-Ay, hosting a relaunch fete for Miami hot spot Karu&Y. Nick showed her skinny self up with her cuz Brooke, holding court in the club's VIP section. The twosome downed champs all night, refusing to speak to press or even give passersby a damn smile. Grins are free, didn't ya know that, hons? Instead of boogying down on the dance floor, our source spied N.H. taking several half-hour trips to the ladies room, only coming out when Rihanna or Britney tunes were played by the DJ. Got a bad bladder, babe, is that it? Enjoying a simpler night out back west was...

    James Denton, with his young, blond daughter at the Staples Center in downtown Hell-Ay, catching the Walking With Dinosaurs show. The hot Desperate Housewives dad donned a plaid shirt and jeans, his best accessory being his supercute spawn by his side. The two went backstage after the show to take a pic with one of the show's realistic-looking dinos. No, Joan Rivers wasn't one of 'em. A blast from the past, packed up and ready to fly was...

    John Henson, E!'s own old Talk Soup host in the pre-McHale days, waitin' around at the American Airlines terminal at LAX on a Thursday morn. Johnny H. looked awfully gray—more so than that one lightning bolt patch he wore so well while on the show—but he still was a lot cheerier than Kanye, that's fer sure.