Considering Coldplay's just-released video for its hit single with Rihanna, "Princess of China," features Ri-Ri acting like a Hindu goddess and frontman Chris Martin in a ninja outfit, maybe they should've called the song "Princess of Asia."

Talk about a cultural mashup!

The clip, a stylish tribute to such kung-fu flicks as House of Flying Daggers and Hero, starts out with Rihanna posing as the titular seductive Chinese princess, while Gwyneth's hubby walks through the desert and arrives at a grand palace straight out of the The Last Emperor.

There, we find Martin doing his best ninja impression (we're sure Coldplay's Chinese fans will love that!) while battling another assassin.

In subsequent scenes, the Barbadian beauty relies on her backup dancers' arms to make like the Indian goddess Kali, faces off with the English rocker in one of the duet's more tender moments, before the two take up swords and fly through the air à la Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Finally, Rihanna waves around a traditional Chinese red silk scarf as Martin watches.

No one ever said a music video was supposed to make sense, but no matter—they look hot!

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