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Caroline Manzo might have a Teresa Giudice-sized migraine, but family drama finally took a back seat to some more positive relationships on tonight's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Bravo went for an It Gets Better-themed show this week, pairing Rosie Pierri's coming out and Jaime Laurita's same-sex union into the lightest and most life-affirming show viewers have gotten this season.

The straight guys of the Garden State also came through with some of the biggest laughs—minus Joe Giudice, whose reign as the show's resident douchebag remains unchallenged.

But first, the funny stuff...

According to Kathy Wakile, Rosie didn't feel comfortable coming out until she was in her 30s. The truth brought them much closer together. But Rosie's still worried how her sexuality might affect Rich and Kathy's kids, Joseph and Victoria.

She breaks it down for them over a slice of pizza—and gets love, support and an unexpected question in return:

"Do people that are homosexual…do they have gaydar?" asks Joseph. "I know my gaydar is terrible."

Not what we expected either, but it was a cute moment from some of the most well-adjusted kids on the New Jersey franchise.

As for the hot tub scene where Rosie gets a lap dance from Kathy's very-much married friend Heather. Hey, what happens at the Jersey Shore stays at the Shore—unless, of course, you happen to be shaking your tatas on reality TV.

But then a little friendly flirting between consenting adults is tame compared to the hot tub action on that other Jersey Shore series. 

Beside, Heather's not the only one seeing some action at the house party.

Her husband, former NBA player Cliff Robinson, gets Joe Gorga's attention. Was anybody else cracking up when the vertically challenged reality star quipped, "If we were dating, I could suck his nipples"?

Teresa might claim, "We love the gays." But nobody loves some same-sex flirting and cross-dress vamping like her brother, Joe. (Especially not her hubby, Juicy Joe, whose "loosest butthole" joke really brought the mood down.)

Christopher Manzo might have summed up it up best tonight en route to his uncle Jaime's wedding: "If you like guys, girls, trees, whatever you're into, you should be able to marry it."

If only the show had done a better job explaining why Caroline, brother Chris Laurita and their mom, Nettie, were the only immediate family members at Jaime's wedding to his partner of 13 years.

The man's got 11 siblings, including no-show Dina. Even if it was a last-minute ceremony, nobody else was able to get time off work or snag standby seats to Chicago? Or is the entire Laurita family boycotting Bravo's cameras?

Then again, after seeing what the show's done to the Gorga's and the Giudice's, maybe a family freeze-out is the best way to keep the clan together.

Did you enjoy tonight's less-intense episode, or were you jonesing for some more brother-sister head-butting? Do you think Teresa should join Joe at the therapist's office? And just how soon do you think Caroline will implode? Weigh in on all things Jersey in our comments section below!

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