Justin Bieber


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So the other day, Justin Bieber tried to stage a concert in Norway. The resulting bloodshed among fan girls was a bit much, even for a proud viking race.

Then Biebs showed up in France and the ensuing mob looked like a live staging of Les Misérables without the choreography. (Even the kid's own brain didn't escape without injury.)

And just what did the 18-year-old tween heartthrob wear for a visit to a radio station in Paris this week? Well, let's put it this way...

If the Canadian hitmaker was hoping to sneak through the streets of the City of Light unseen, he was going about it all wrong! Because, child, those moon boots are so bright they can be seen from space.

Fans, of course, spotted Bieber as soon as he flashed his right foot—he responded by flashing a peace sign and directing a few minutes of overhead air traffic with his incredibly visible neon shoes.

Maybe the Biebs actually likes spurring riots wherever he goes?

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