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Charlie Sheen is speaking out about reports ex-wife Brooke Mueller was prompted to check back into rehab after joining him on a purported drug binge earlier this month.

Here's what the former warlock had to tell E! News exclusively.

"Consider the source," Charlie told us through his rep.

Sheen refused to elaborate further.

Meanwhile, a source close to the actor noted Sheen is nothing but supportive of Brooke in her struggles and that "the kids come first" and that's why he supports their mom.

Despite his desire to be there for his former missus, that doesn't mean his tiger blood is all dried up and he's given up his wild man ways—in fact, just the opposite.

"He's just not doing all these talk shows and making appearances that may have people thinking he was partying again," an insider said, confirming that the 46-year-old Sheen and the 34-year-old Mueller were indeed partying together, though for how long the source couldn't say.

A separate source confirmed the thesp did indeed invite his former missus to his house to party—contradicting a report by TMZ which alleged Brooke showed up at Casa Charlie and seemed out of it and that Sheen tried to convince her to see an addiction specialist but she left before he could do so.

Calling the latter story "laughable," the source went on to state that Charlie had a four-day "blowout at his home, invited Brooke to come over, she did, and relapsed."

The bash took place just before Mother's Day as well, causing The World According to Paris alum to miss spending it with their 3-year-old twins, Bob and Max. Though the source was quick to note that "throughout everything, Brooke has always made sure the kids were well taken care of."

Mueller is currently serving one year of probation after pleading guilty in March to a reduced drug charge stemming from a cocaine bust in December in Aspen.

Aspen District Attorney Arnold Mordkin tells E! News that "the fact [Brooke] went into rehab would not violate her probation."

Per the terms of her probation, the erstwhile real estate agent must refrain from drinking alcohol or doing any drugs and must submit to random urinalysis.

But the prosecutor noted that this just means that the testing was authorized, but whether it is done is up to the decision of the jurisdiction. After sentencing, Mueller's case was subsequently transferred to California. No word whether she's had to undergo a drug check there.

Another insider close to Sheen tells E! News that family and friends are glad Mueller keeps going back to rehab.

"It's better than not," said the source. "They're hoping it will finally kick in one day and she'll get longer recovery."

As for Charlie's views of his own sobriety (or lack thereof), the source said Charlie "doesn't care."

"His attitude is he wants to live his life the way he wants to live his life," said the source.

Sheen is scheduled to walk the red carpet at this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, where he's expected to introduce a tribute to—you guessed it—party flicks.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum and Katie Rhames

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