Magic Mike Spoiler! How Big Is the Male Stripper Flick's Secret?

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    Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike
    Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike Claudette Barius/Warner Bros

    It seems like we've been waiting forever to see Steven Soderbergh's stripper epic Magic Mike, doesn't it? Wells, guess what? We saw it last night, and talked with star Channing Tatum!

    And that means we finally have the answer to whether any of the movie's hotties—Tatum, Matt BomerAlex PettyferJoe ManganielloMatthew McConaughey, Adam Rodriguez—actually go full frontal.

    SPOILER ALERT! If you want to keep the, uh, big surprise under wraps, stop reading now! Otherwise, here's the deal:

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    It's Manganiello who shows off his manhood...sorta.

    In one scene, he tries living up to his character's name, Big Dick Richie, by "fluffing" himself with a plastic contraption that assists in making him, let's say, bigger than usual.

    You never actually see Mr. Manganiello full frontal, but the scene does include separate shots of Richie's manhood squeezed into the plastic tube.

    Later, Manganiello ends a dance behind a white screen. Let's just say the shadow makes him look like he has a third leg.

    No official word if any of this is the True Blood stud's own stuff, someone else's or a fake rubber substitute (a la Mark Wahlberg). But a Magic source insists that it's "a prop."

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    Tatum does dish, though, that Manganiello was the least shy member of the cast.

    "We all sort of just looked at each other and laughed," Tatum told me last night at the MTV Sneak Peek of Magic Mike at Universal Citywalk. "But Joe? He was the one who went for it hard. He was like, 'Let's just do this!' He was sort of in character all the time."

    No surprise, and more good news: There's plenty of naked backside throughout the movie. McConaughey, who plays the owner of the strip club, has a solo dance that will—we promise!—blow you away.

    Not only is his body pretty much flawless, but he also ends the routine in a black G-string.

    "I helped a little, but that was all him," Tatum said about McConaughey's impressive moves. "He brings down the house!"

    But we knew that, right?

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