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Dr. Frankenstein would be flattered.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle, the creative director for the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony in London, tells Vogue (excerpted by the Huffington Post) that he borrowed ideas from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein when coming up with plans for the event.

"It's a challenge, of course, because it can easily be just a cold spectacle—awe-inspiring but not necessarily of the heart—and we want the ceremony to have a visceral effect on people, for it to be a collective experience," he tells the mag of this July's kickoff event. "Stirring emotion is hard in a stadium."

"[There is] quite a lot of Frankenstein in the show," the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaires director says. "I mean, we don't reanimate dead creatures, but we did use Frankenstein as a dry run for a lot of ideas for this."

He hopes the venue will look "more like a cauldron, with all the people hovering over and around you."

Boyle directed a production of Frankenstein for Britain's National Theatre last year.

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