Michelle Obama, Jon Stewart

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Leave it to Michelle Obama to take the high road.

While appearing on Tuesday's The Daily Show to promote her new book, American Grown, the first lady was asked about President Barack Obama's use of marijuana as a youngster, which host Jon Stewart likened to "the script of a Cheech and Chong movie."

Not surprisingly, the commander-in-chief's better half kept it classy.

"He was like many young people," Obama said, adding that her husband eventually changed his ways in college when "he realized he could do more with his life."

Later, Stewart tried to playfully draw a comparison between the current sitting president and George W. Bush regarding their "out there" past, saying "he really related to that."

"I'm not taking any bait," Obama quickly replied, much to Stewart's amusement.

Yep. Classy. And funny.

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