Fifty Shades of Grey

The library might be getting a little bit rowdier these days! And the librarians a little naughtier!

Probably not, actually, but the Florida book world is being taken by a sexy storm. Brevard County Library System made headlines earlier this month when they banned the raunchy read Fifty Shades of Grey from their shelves and dubbed it "porn."

Well, Christian Grey is hardly one to lie down and take it—in, uh, more ways than one—and the book has been officially unbanned. Why, you ask?

First of all, let's give three horny cheers to all the housewives—and some hubbies too, no doubt—who will now finally be able to get their hands on the "mommy porn."

So why the change of heart…or should we say loins?

"Nobody asked us to take it off the shelves," Brevard County director Cathy Schweinsberg had explained regarding the initial removal of 19 copies of the steamy sensation. "We bought some copies before we realized what it was…We don't collect porn."

A notion we think author E.L. James would surely have a problem with.

"It's a love story. People fall in love and they rabidly have sex, because that's what you do when you fall in love," James' agent, Valerie Hoskins, attested in an interview about the graphic nature of the novel. "It's a love story, a romantic one."

So was it that timeless boy-meets-girl (meets-whips-and-chains) story that led to its return to bookshelves?

Nope, it was the overwhelming requests from the library patrons!

"We have always stood against censorship," Schweinsberg said in a statement released to announce Fifty Shades' return. "We have a long history of standing against censorship and that continues to be a priority for this library system."

So that makes Fifty Shades: 1, S&M naysayers: 0.

Now we can't wait to see what kind of panties get in a twist when this naughty saga heads to the big screen!

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