Jeff Goldblum, Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Jeff Goldblum is no doubt singing an L.A. County judge's praises.

The actor, who most recently played Lea Michele's father on Glee, was granted a temporary restraining order on Friday against a woman who has allegedly been stalking him since 2001, E! News confirms.

Goldblum's attorneys managed to obtain the order against Linda Ransom after the actor claimed the 49-year-old former mental patient showed up at his home on several occasions over the past month.

The Jurassic Park star was previously granted a stay-away order against Ransom in 2007, but that expired during her court-ordered stay in a psychiatric hospital. He had tried unsuccessfully in 2010 to get another order in place, but a judge declined the request, stating one would not be issued unless Ransom exhibited new criminal behavior.

Ransom met Goldblum 11 years ago while attending one of his acting classes.

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