AMERICA'S GOT TALENT,  Howard Stern, Nick Cannon, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel

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This week, Americas Got Talent headed to Florida for the latest round of auditions. Of course our judges took advantage of the outdoor fun the Sunshine State has to offer—Nick Cannon even took an airboat tour! But how did all that heat affect the latest crop of AGT hopefuls? Find out now!

The show started off strong with vocal group Inspire the Fire kicking off the auditions with a pumped-up version of "Lean on Me." The preppy singers described themselves as an "urban Glee" who work with at-risk youth. Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel voted yes—and even Howard Stern was moved by their talent. Though he did take a dig at their TV-inspiration explaining, "I hate Glee, but I love you."

Let's be honest: it is hot in Florida. The judges even complained about the warm temperature inside the audition hall. But was the heat so bad that contestants needed to strip down to cool off? The Bikini Bombshells apparently thought so. The bathing-suit clad beauties started off strong, with Howie declaring, "You're going to Vegas" before even seeing their act. Unfortunately, we did see their act: a choreographed dance to "Push It." "You're beautiful women," offered Sharon. "But there isn't one ounce of rhythm between you."

Thankfully, a few more dance troupes—with actual rhythm—also auditioned for the judges. All That, a group of burly, tattooed dudes from South Carolina wowed the judges, the audience and us with their super precise, sharp and fun clogging routine. Sharon even asked if they'd teach hubbie Ozzy a step or two! The fast-footed fellows made it through to Vegas easily.

One of the last acts of the night—The Distinguished Men of Brass—had energy, talent and fun to spare! The theme park veterans had the audience clapping along to their version of "I Like It Like That." And of course the judges liked it like that—each enthusiastically voted yes on the group.

What did you make of the acts Tampa had to offer? Sound off in the comments!

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