Ace Young, Diana DeGarmo, American Idol Finale

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Just days after Ace Young hijacked Wednesday's American Idol finale with a tearful proposal to Diana DeGarmo, he is spilling all the details that went into the night's big engagement (including how he made Ryan Seacrest tear up pre-show).

And although Young mentioned Beverly Hills jeweler David Webb during his proposal, he wanted to clarify that the plug was not a paid endorsement, saying he didn't get the ring for free.

"They didn't give it to me for free," Young told E! News exclusively. "The reason why I mentioned them in the proposal was because I went to them the Friday before and said I wanted a special ring made and they did it in four days! They did an amazing job. They made a beautiful masterpiece for my future wife and I am so happy."

Young was so excited when he saw the diamond stunner (a three-diamond custom-made ring set on an 18-karat yellow gold band) that he told the jewelry designer, "I am gonna pimp you guys out," and made sure to mention the company on the show.

As for the proposal itself, Young said he was the one who approached Idol about popping the question during the finale, reaching out to show producer Nigel Lythgoe last Wednesday. 

Two days later, Lythgoe's office got back and said it was a go.

Young said the hardest part was getting a rush job on the ring and keeping it secret...even from the likes of Seacrest, who wasn't told about it until rehearsals earlier in the day on Wednesday.

Before the show, Young went into Ryan's trailer and told him his plan.

"Ryan goes, ‘You ready? What are you going to say? I want to hear it,'" Young recalled. "So I start going through it off the top of my head about how we met on Broadway and all that, and I am looking at Ryan and he starts tearing up. And then I start tearing up. We both start laughing. I thought I could practice on him but he made it harder! He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, ‘It is gonna be beautiful.'"

Meanwhile, the couple hasn't set a wedding date just yet, but Young said he's leaving that decision to his future bride. 

"Everything is up to her," Young said. "I did my part. If she wanted to do it today I would say OK and get my outfit. I am just trying to take it all in right now."

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