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Another day, another getup that looks like a wedding cake.

The latest babe to spread butter cream on her boobs is Gwyneth Paltrow!

We almost failed to get a decent shot of her—she keeps disappearing every time she turns sideways—but finally, we nailed a good peek...

The pants could use an an iron, but we dig the ivory sleeveless tunic with lace detailing, especially with the addition of a single leather cuff, warm cheeks, a strong eye and simple, beachy locks.

Mrs. Coldplay wore the ensemble for a nighttime Clinton Foundation charity event at the Old Vic Tunnels in London. Let's hope those tunnels are more figurative than literal—the actress is wearing a lot of white and we'd hate to see the look ruined by rat bites or skeleton soot or whatever they have down in tunnels.

One question does nag at us: Does this count as an evening look? Wait, what are we thinking? When you're Gwyn, all you have to do is say, "Yes, it is" and the rest of the world shuts right up.

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