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Naming season 11's American Idol winner is now in the hands of voters, and it's virtually impossible to say who is going to be showered in confetti at the grand finale on Wednesday night.

Three months of singing in the spotlight all came down to Tuesday night, where finalists Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips gave standout performances for 7,000 audience members at the Nokia Theatre in hopes of walking away tomorrow as this year's American Idol.

So who was suffering from stage fright and what did the finalists have to say after the show? We got the backstage scoop!

Six songs, two contestants and one hour made up night one of American Idol's two-night finale. Although it was a bit of a whirlwind, production made sure every minute was packed with song, screaming and silliness as Jessica and Phillip went head to head during a three-round sing-off.

While the audience went nuts over Jessica's vocally technical ballads, Phillip's female fan base was out in full force, admiring and screeching over his every smile and charismatic gesture.  

The judges volleyed between Jessica and Phillip as to who won each round, but Phillip seemed to pull ahead with a slight edge over Jessica, after receiving a standing ovation from Jennifer LopezRandy Jackson and Steven Tyler for his final performance of his (should-he-be-the-winner) single, "Home."

When we caught up with the pair backstage, Phillip told us there was nothing but mutual respect between the two.

"We're just excited to see what happens," Phillip told us. "Whatever happens happens. We're two completely different artists and we just wish each other the best throughout our careers."

Although he seemed his regular cool and collected self onstage, Phillip admitted he was suffering stage fright before the start of the show.

"I was scared to death," Phillip spilled. "But I went out there and finally loosened up throughout 'Stand By Me' and the rest of the show. It was so, so fun."

Jessica agreed that the competition already feels as if it has ended and  it's all about enjoying the moment, having fun and being thankful.

"I feel like we're just trying to have fun right now," Jessica said. "It's the finale, top two—win or lose, we both won. Of course we all wanted to win, but no one makes it this far, for a 16-year-old and someone like Phillip. He's goofy and funny and an amazing artist and person overall!"

Who do you think deserves to be the next American Idol?  Do you think Phillip had a stringer night than Jessica? Let us know in the comments!

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