Ginnifer Goodwin

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So many questions at this hour. So. Many. Questions.

What is Zac Efron doing at the Disney Upfronts when he's supposed to be sitting rinkside at the Los Angeles Kings game at the very same time? Does he hate himself so much that he strapped into this Preen dress made of icicles and pain? Why is he wearing shoes that look like a pair of angry Jolly Ranchers?

Why is he...What's that you say? The shoes are Brian Atwood and the person is actually Ginnifer Goodwin? Let's get this intervention started...

Technically, we like all the elements of the actress's outfit: We adore short hair on women and can't stand when men whine about us cutting it off. We admire the outre of the Preen cocktail number. And the neon pink Atwoods simply rock.

Still, when you put it all together, you're left with a suicidal Efron in front of a Disney step-and-repeat.

Some mysteries even we can't explain.

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