Is newbie America's Got Talent judge Howard Stern already throwing in the towel?

On tonight's episode, the controversial radio host threw his hands up and said, "I can't do it," after making a little boy cry—yes, cry—onstage.

So what happened?!

Just to clarify, Stern is not leaving the show, but when it comes to making kids weep, he just can't deal.

The 58-year-old pressed his "X" buzzer during 7-year-old aspiring rapper Mir Money's performance, and when Stern tried to explain his reasoning to the incredibly adorable kid, Money just couldn't stop the waterworks from flowing.

Yeah, and that even tugged at Howard's heart.

The AGT judge went onstage (while the crowd boo'd) to try and give Mir Money a pep talk and explain that he didn't want to make him cry, which ultimately calmed the young boy down, but it definitely left a lasting effect on Stern.

"This job is too rough for me, I don't really wanna do it anymore…I'm not cut out for this, man. I'm not cut out for it. I'm shaking man, I'm shaking. I can't do it, man. I can't do it."

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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