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    Is Fifty Shades of Grey Fandom Putting Twi-hards to Shame?

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    Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey
    Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment

    Hey Twi-hards (if you're even still out there), you might want to step up your game.

    'Cause there's another novel in town that's getting fans all hot and bothered much more than Bella and Edward ever did—obviously, we're talking about the deliciously dirty Fifty Shades of Grey, which is only, like, the biggest thing ever.

    Heck, even the steamy setting where Christian calls home had to set up a special screening process for potential buyers because so many Fifty Shades fans were trying to get into the pornographic penthouse (can ya blame 'em?).

    So, does this mean that Fifty Shades (which originally began as Twilight fan fiction) has officially trumped Twilight's vampy success?

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    It certainly seems that way.

    But before the hate mail ensues, hear us out: True, Twilight has an immeasurable legacy and we won't even begin to touch the Robsten obsession, but Fifty's definitely following in the novel's footsteps—and at a much faster pace.

    The book's already being made into a major motion picture and it continues to dominate every bestseller list nationwide. Then there's the sheer fact that everything associated with the pornographic prose rapidly evolves into an Internet sensation, including the Escala Seattle apartment Christian Grey calls home.

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    "We've certainly seen fan obsession with famous homes before, like homes tied to Twilight or The Bachelor, but nothing on this scale in such a short period of time," Amy Bohutinsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Zillow fessed to us when we asked if this fan following in real estate has ever occurred before. "We've had more visits and more social sharing of this apartment in the first few days than any home before."

    We're hardly surprised. Fans of the New York Times best-selling books are literally obsessed with the series. Add that fan following to the SNL parodies, Ellen DeGeneres readings and endless casting suggestions and it's safe to say mommy porn has officially cemented its place in pop culture.

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    Need proof? After Zillow posted their original article on the Fifty Shades condo, the Escala apartment building website temporarily shut down due to visitation volume. Sorry, Stephenie Meyer, but it looks like your horny Twilight moms may have finally found the dish they begged you to deliver.

    "This is the book that everyone's talking about, and the apartment is so integral to the book's plot. You can't read Fifty Shades without vividly imagining certain rooms. So it's no wonder why people are flocking to see these photos," Bohutinsky explained.

    Looks like we're in the market for a new Fifty fandom moniker!

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    Sound off below with your steamy suggestions.

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