Blind Vice hard drugs cocaine

Dear Ted:
Any further news on Strawberry Snort 'Em? Is she still off the rails or has she calmed down? I haven't seen her mentioned on Awful Truth in a while, so I was interested in any developments. Addicted to your page—thank you for it and long may it continue!

Dear Sniff or Quit:
I'm glad that you asked, T. And I'm happy to report Strawberry's doing much better as of late—her personal drama's hardly a thing of the past, but she's focused her attention on her career instead. A far better distraction than Strawberry's standard, um, habits, but that doesn't mean the gal's entirely sworn off her Vicey behavior. Get it?  

Dear Ted:
So, I have a question that has nothing to do with Fifty Shades of Grey, Hunger Games or Twilight. I've been catching up on Mad Men and was wondering how much Betty Draper and January Jones have in seems like January gets a bad rap, but I think it's pretty cool she decided to be a single mom (not easy) and keep her baby out of the spotlight. Does she get a bad rap because of Betty projection or is she actually a diva? Is she a Vicer?

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Dear Mad for Vicing:
Nah, J.J. pretty much put her Vicey behavior out on the table when she decided to keep her baby daddy a secret. Gal may be crafty, but she's hardly a heavy Vicer. As for the diva ‘tude? Leave that to the gals on Glee.

Dear Ted:
Question about Freddie Friction: Has he committed to starring in numerous franchises? Also, whenever I'm asked who I would love to have dinner with, dead or alive, I always say Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, and you. Would you come? Love you much, Ted!

Dear Dinner for Two:
In response to your BV question—Freddie's not quite the franchise king, but he does stick to a certain genre in his work. And as for dinner? Of course I would come, doll! I'm honored you would ask—thanks for the love!

Dear Ted:
Has Mark Ruffalo ever had a Blind Vice? I hope he's as nice as he seems to be.

Dear Vicing Avenger?:
You're in luck, C, Ruffalo may be raking in box-office success as the Incredible Hulk in The Avengers, but dude's totally BV-free. Now, doesn't that just make you love him more?

Dear Ted:
I quit smoking a year ago, but I'm having huge anxiety and ready to light up again. Please keep me from being the loser outside on the sidewalk in the smoke cloud by giving me the 411 on my beloved Britney Spears. My first instinct "uh-oh" has turned into full-blown "here we go again" concern seeing her at the upfronts for X Factor. Ted, the girl ain't ready for this. Bleeding fingers bitten down to the nub? Nervous...deer in the headlights look...she is not going to get through a season of live shows. Ratings be damned...what are her father, her fiancé and the judge thinking allowing her to be put under this pressure? What are you hearing about her ability to get through this? I just don't think she's ready; please tell me you are hearing otherwise. For the boys' sake...I don't want to see her spiral down again. Unlike Ms. Lohan, Britney's problems aren't her fault!

Dear Calm Down:
Rest assured, B, I'm fully behind Brit's decision to take on the boob tube, and I think she can absolutely pull it off. It's been years since her breakdown, and since then, Brit's made a successful album, gotten engaged and mended her relationship with her kids. So what if she's nervous? Brit's already proved she's fully capable of a comeback—personally, I can't wait to tune in.

Dear Ted:
Will King Schlong be at Cannes this year?

Dear Schlonging Down the Riviera:
He'll probably make an appearance, but trust, it won't be as big as his last.

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