K-11, Jules Stewart

Matt Kennedy

Sacre bleu, the Cannes countdown has ended and the festival begins…today!

It's no secret we've been anxiously anticipating the moviepalooza that's starting in the French Riviera, if only for all those celebs expected to attend (Zac Efron! Brad Pitt! And so, so many more!). But we are also excited to hear all the buzz about some seriously sweet films.

Like K-11, a flick that will have its first market screening during the fest. And today we've got an exclusive shot of the director hard at work. Look familiar?

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Well, duh, it's Jules Stewart (yes, mama to Kristen Stewart) behind the scenes on her directorial debut.

In the shot, Jules is discussing a scene that occurs during the film's climax with Kate del Castillo, who plays Mousey, the transsexual diva in charge of the K-11 unit. And from what we've seen of the film so far, we think it's a safe bet the scene will be intense.

On the other hand, if your first thought is "How did Mousey score that fabulous flowered outfit instead of the typical orange jumpsuit?!" we've got some scoop straight from the costume designer of the film.

See, Mousey is wearing an outfit that she "purchased" during a K-11 "fashion show" from one of the other inmates. And that rose on her lapel? Get this: It was once a T-shirt and some contraband strawberry soda.

"I was allowed full reign in my costume design as long as the garments could have been produced within the dorm with actual components available to the inmates," costume designer Sarah Trost explains to us. "Every costume you see could realistically have been made in the dorm. There's a minimal amount of sewing used to construct the costumes, and those that are sewn are done entirely with dental floss."

Where Mousey got her makeup tips (those eyebrows!), well, that's a mystery for another day.

We're told Jules is jetting off to Europe today for the festival, though we've not yet heard when K-11 will be unveiled. We do know Mama Stew is set to hit the On the Road premiere with K.Stew and her BF Robert Pattinson, though, next Wednesday (May 23).

Which means it's time to start another countdown—seven days!—until the Stewart women take Cannes by storm.

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