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    Will Smith Hurdles Toward Olympic Glory, Trains With British Team

    Will Smith Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

    From now until July, it's practically a given that any movie star whose publicity tour takes them through London will emerge not only with a stamp on their passport, but at least one Olympic-themed photo op for their troubles.

    Next up: Will Smith, who took time out from hitting the international promotional trail for Men in Black 3 this week to train—well, "train"—with the U.K.'s Olympians, Team GB.

    And it seems as though the star is sticking to his day job.

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    Turning up at the Ethos Centre at London's Imperial College Wednesday, the 43-year-old Oscar nominee fashioned himself into something of a temporary all-rounder, shooting hoops with basketball team captain Drew Sullivan, sparring with a super heavyweight boxing hopeful Anthony Joshua (here's hoping he didn't deliver the full Ali brunt) and trying his hands legs at the hurdles under the watchful eye of triple jumper Yamile Aldama.

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    "That is fun," he told the assembled press. "That's the first time I've ever done the hurdles and the triple jump, and had any interaction with it, so I'm gonna go ice myself down.

    "That stuff is a lot harder than it looks on TV. I'm clearly not a hurdler. That gives you an idea of the peak physical condition that athletes have to be in. I had a little taste of it when I made Ali, but there's a whole other level of conditioning. I'll be at the Olympics to watch."

    And we'll be watching right back.

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