Gwyneth Paltrow


We're guessing this isn't what Hugo Boss had in mind when it made Gwyneth Paltrow the new face of its latest fragrance.

But it's still pretty funny nevertheless.

So what's the story behind this feline-inspired photo?

Well, the Oscar winner can blame pal Rashida Jones for sharing this purr-fect picture with the rest of the world by posting it on Twitter over the weekend with the following caption: "At callbacks for Cats: The Movie..."

Ah, but two can clearly play at this game, as Paltrow replied soon after with a shot of Jones in total meow mode, too.

While the reason behind the face painting remains a bit unclear, we're assuming it may have had something to do with Paltrow's daughter Apple turning 8 years old on Monday.

Whatever the case, it sure made for one good, er, catfight!

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