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    The Amazing Spider-Man: Five Things We Learned From the New, Extended Trailer

    At this point, what haven't we learned about The Amazing Spider-Man, you may ask? It turns out plenty, though that's about to change by the looks of this four-minute trailer now in the wild.

    Here are five new tidbits worth talking about (warning: potential spoilers ahead!):

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    Spider Man YouTube

    1. Battle on the Bridge: This eye-popping teaser features an extended sequence of our friendly neighborhood webslinger in action on a traffic-jammed bridge where his nemesis the Lizard is wreaking havoc, tossing cars like toys into the river below. That is, until Spider-Man arrives, deploying his trusty web shooter to stop their plunge.

    Spider Man YouTube

    2. Spider-Man to the Rescue! In the chaos, a boy is trapped in a burning vehicle hanging literally by a thread. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) takes off his mask and tosses it to the kid, telling him it's gonna keep him strong, while using his super strength to prevent the car from falling. The boy climbs up through the seats, but the vehicle slips from Spidey's grip. All seems lost until our quick-thinking hero saves him with a web blast.

    Spider Man YouTube

    3. Speaking of Sticky String: Here's a close-up of the mechanical webshooter Parker builds himself to aid in Spider-Man's adventures. It's one the biggest changes director Marc Webb's reboot made after the Sam Raimi-helmed trilogy had the wall-crawler using shooters that were part of his arachnid-enhanced anatomy.

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    Spider Man YouTube

    4. Peter's Got a Friend in Gwen Stacy: So long, Mary Jane. Spider-Man's main love interest this time is Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who warns Peter that he's a wanted man and that her policeman father has 500 cops looking for him.  "Five hundred? That seems a bit excessive," says Parker.

    Spider Man YouTube

    5. Reptile Run Amok: The latter part of the trailer gives fanboys their best glimpse yet of the classic Spider-Man villain. Here Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), whose Oscorp lab experiments morphed him into the Lizard, takes Spidey for a deadly dip from which he might not survive.

    The trailer isn't all Columbia Pictures and Webb have up their sleeve before The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters on July 3.

    A nifty viral site is now online, which sports a video blog of Connors discussing Oscorp's internship program. Plus, the (aptly named) director joined Twitter recently and posted a couple of additional pics of the revamped Marvel character.

    Spider Man Twitter

    This twitpic accompanied by the text "Peter Parker. Good balance" finds the high schooler perched perfectly atop a light post.

    Spider Man Twitter

    And this post humorously titled "A Reptile Dysfunction" finds Spider-Man trying to get a grip on the Lizard's massive tail. May we say good luck with that!

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