Will Lamar Odom be an Olympian like father-in-law Bruce Jenner?

Just weeks after announcing she and Lamar were taking a "break" from shooting Khloé & Lamar, Khloé Kardashian Odom hit The Tonight Show and dished Lamar's shot at playing basketball in the Olympics.

"[Lamar's] training for the Olympics," the E! star told Jay Leno. "He's in the top 20 to go. Tryouts are in the first week of July, so we find out then. They only take 12, but I told him just to be in the top 20...that's like a Grammy nomination! That's how I would feel." 

And while the lovey-dovey couple is taking a hiatus from their reality show, they're looking forward to spending quality time with each other and their families.

"I wanted the summer for ourselves and to be with family and spend time with his kids," Khloé continued.

Speaking of family, one show Khloé isn't taking a break from is Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Don't forget to tune in to the show's season premiere Sunday at 9 p.m. on E! 

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