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Dear Ted:
I'm curious about something I read in a magazine involving the hunky Chris Hemsworth. He was talking about how much he enjoyed working on Snow White and the Huntsman because he got along well with everyone. Then, he added that's not always the case in his experience! Bad translation? Or did Chris have some sort of beef on the set of Thor or The Avengers? Kisses from my rescue cat Warhol and me. xoxo
—Huntsman Lover

Dear Snow White Fight:
Wasn't the SWATH premiere this morning just amazing, babe? What a hot cast (and dressed to impress too). Just wish Robert Pattinson had showed up, don't you? But back to Chris: This dude seems to love working with Vice stars, eh?! Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, not to mention the handful of Hall of Famers on Thor and Avengers. If I had to make a guess as to which project was probably the least, hmm, fun, I'd say Thor.

Dear Ted:
What do you make of the Desperate Housewives luggage-gate? Any recent Blind Vice activity from the ladies that you've caught wind of? Pretty please as the finale just aired? Thanks!

Dear Wisteria Woes:
Short answers in the order you asked: Not surprised…at all. Yes, very recently.

Dear Ted:
I know you receive a bajillion questions a day, but we (me, my kids and my four-legged kids) have to know: What is the word on The Big Bang Theory? I love that show and think all of the cast are awesome. Plus I totally love me some Sheldon. Any Vicey behavior among that group? Or anything special you can share about Jim Parsons? Kisses and cuddles to you and your four-legged friends!
—Geeks Want to Know

Dear Bajillion and One:
Kisses to you and your whole fam, babe. Yes, there is a Vicer on the set of Big Bang, but it's not Jimmy. It's an older moniker, though, and isn't as relevant anymore—I don't think you'd stop watching if you knew about it. Well, probably not.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering about Chiquita. Does she have any new projects lined up? And does she still burn a candle for her poor, abused ex? I think he has a comparatively normal life off set, compared to her fame-whoring. Is that true?

Dear Chicky on Top:
New projects? Nope. She's banking on that boob-tube hit. Well, for now at least. That's what happens when you put all your skanky eggs in one D-bag-tastic basket. As for Chiquita's ex, she's on to the next one. That "poor" dude was no angel, though.

Dear Ted:
There seem to be a lot of gay/bi actors who have fake relationships with women. Are there any gay/bi actors with a moniker you can name who haven't come out, but who don't beard?
—Don't Like Beards (Hairy or Otherwise)

Dear It's All Relative:
A completely beardless star? Well, that's like finding a unicorn! But there are stars that are less into the bearding game than others. Just look at, say, Jackie Bouffant vs. Crotch Uh-lastic. Crotchy doesn't exactly love faking it for the cameras—or for anyone.

Dear Ted:
You said when you saw the pictures of Jared Padalecki on the beach, you "immediately thought of how Finnick-y he looked." Isn't there some thought that Finnick is biracial; that The Hunger Games is set in a world where there is considerable ethnic diversity? If so, why all the white actor suggestions? Wouldn't someone like Jesse Williams be more appropriate?

Dear Finding Finnick:
Depends who you ask, K, but I'm all for it. And I'm all for Jesse taking on Finnick too (he, though, hasn't made up his mind). My criteria? Hot and a good actor. Both Jared or Jesse can rise to the occasion on that one, methinks.

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