The grim reaper is coming to Seattle Grace, y'all, and he isn't leaving alone by finale's end.

Grey's Anatomy fans have been buzzing over the death that's set to rock the ABC hit series and we went straight to one of the show's stars for some much-needed scoop on the sure-to-be shocking finale. Speaking of shocking, now that Bart Bass is alive and kickin' on Gossip Girl, what will it mean for Lily and Rufus' already fragile marriage? And who is the new guy who might be stirring up trouble on The Walking Dead?

Plus, we've got scoop on whose storyline on Glee fans should start getting excited for, a possible exit on Community, a deadly party Psych and more in today's edition of Spoiler Chat! So come on in...

Kelly from Philadelphia: Chyler Leigh's Lexie is the main reason I still watch Grey's Anatomy. If Grey's kills her off, I'm out. Can you tell me if I should stop watching now?
We wish we could tell you definitively because Lexie is one of our favorites as well. And as we saw in that promo, she certainly is in danger. We are absolutely sick with anticipation over this finale and star Chandra Wilson has no comforting words for us. She says this dramatic finale compares to the hospital shooting finale of two years ago. It's just as dynamic, but the ride is even harder. Hold us.

Megan: We've already seen Chuck interact with Bart on Gossip Girl, but will we see Lily find out he isn't dead?
Yes, and you should start preparing for some major awkwardness! When we asked if Bart, Rufus and Lily will all be in the same room in the finale, Kelly Rutherford teases, "Yeah, that's possible. I think that's a definite possibility." So yes people, the fact that Lily is kind of married to two people right now will be addressed. "You think that might come up," Kelly says with a laugh. "What are we going to do with that?!" Hey, if anyone can handle two husbands it's Lily Van Der Wooden-Bass-Humphrey.

Chanel in Houston: I'm seriously going to DIE this summer without New Girl scoop to obsess over!! Any suggestions to help save me from a Jess-free three months?
Whoa! Well our first suggestion would be that you enroll in some acting classes because it seems like the dramatics come very naturally to you. With that said, we think that you should perfect the art of the slow chicken dance. (Remember that facial expressions are also a key part of the dance.) Then we say you gather all the youths you know and clearly lay out the drinking rules of the "True American" game. Bonus points if you can get your landlord to play too! Lastly we think that every morning you should take at look at this ridiculously cute first-look picture for season two and try to absorb as much of their awesomeness as possible. And this has been Team WWK's guide to the ultimate New Girl summer. You are very welcome.

Chevy Chase, Dan Harmon

Justin Lubin/NBC; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Chris in Smithtown, N.Y.: I know Dan Harmon might not be returning to Community next season, but what about Chevy Chase?
We're going to let the big boss take this one: "My assumption is [he will be back]," NBC boss Robert Greenblatt says. "But I haven't had any conversations about that this week, so I don't have a definitive yes or no." But if Chevy were to exit the show, would Dan definitely return? Greenblatt isn't so sure. "I don't think that would determine him running the show or not—based on one of the actors. I think it's larger issues that have to do with a lot of things."

Candice in Venice, Calif.: Just caught up on The Walking Dead and I'm obsessed! Got any scoop for me?
Watch out, Rick! The zombie hit is introducing a new character Manuel, who is confident, capable, smart and willing to lead when necessary. Also? He's got a great sense of humor. Hey, we wouldn't mind Manuel being our leader is all we're saying!

Steven: What crazy awesomeness does Psych have in store for us next season?
Does a haunted mansion qualify for crazy awesomeness status? We think it does! An aging British rock star, who shares an interesting past with Gus and Shawn, invites the guys to a mysterious party being held at said haunted mansion where all the guests are being terrorized by a killer. Yeah, that's one party we're going to have to skip.

Glee, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris

Frank Micelotta/FOX

Gretchen: Anything on the Glee season finale would be perfect.
We don't want to give too much away, but we will say that we are very excited for Santana's storyline in the final episode of the season.

DevonCarruthers: True Blood, please?
Get ready to meet a whole slew of new monsters later in the HBO hit's fifth season as the show is introducing several new fairies (some who bring Jason to their special fairy club!), a few new vamps (including the Minister of the European Vampire League!) a new werewolf with a warning: there's a new breed of vampires in town!

Natafree1994: What's happening with CSI: NY??
Feel free to pop the champagne (or apple cider if you're under 21!) as sources tell us CSI: NY has been picked up for another season. If you don't want to jinx it, keep the champagne on ice until Wednesday, which is when CBS is set to unveil their fall lineup.

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Jenna Mullins, Christina Dowling & Leanne Aguilera

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